Vinyl and other polymeric siding prove that beauty can come without strings attached, and that lasting performance is possible without a premium price. That means you won’t have to compromise — it’s possible to have it all.


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The Top 6 Reasons to Side Your Home with Vinyl


  • If you can dream it, vinyl siding can bring it to life. A virtually endless range of styles, colors and textures means you can pursue any architectural style or personal taste.
  • It’s easy to create the complete look. Complementary vinyl siding profiles, trims, and accessories let you add the finishing touches to any design. (And they’re all just as low maintenance as your siding.)
  • It’s engineered for life. Vinyl siding is continually innovated for long-term durability. Multiple attachment points create superior wind resistance, with a minimum of 110 mph, and advanced UV-resistant coatings resist fading, helping even dark colors remain vibrant for years.
  • It’s virtually maintenance free. It’s easy to clean and refresh with just soap and water, virtually eliminating the hassles of ongoing maintenance found in other siding products and offering a low cost of ownership.
  • It’s immune to moisture damage. You never have to paint or caulk to protect the vinyl siding material from water as with some other cladding materials, and vinyl siding actually helps a home’s walls breathe and dry out.
  • Its performance is certified and its sustainability is documented. Most products are certified and independently verified to meet or exceed unique quality standards and performance characteristics, and its “green” attributes are fully documented by the industry’s first environmental product declarations (EPDs).